HTML Frames

HTML Frames

HTML Frames are used to divide browser window into multiple rectangular sections or frames, where each frame can load and display separate html document.

Warning: Do not use body tag when using frames. Use <frameset> instead of<body>, not inside of <body>. Similarly, No other tags like paragraphs etc can be used along with frames except inside <noframes> tag.

HTML Frames Tags and Element List

<frameset>Attribute List
Attribute Description Syntax & Example
rows used to defines number of rows in the frameset and the size of each rows. rows=“20%,60%,20%”
cols used to defines number of column in the frameset and the size of each columns. cols=“25%,50%,25%”
border used to defines border width of frameset. border=“5”
bordercolor used to set color of border between frames bordercolor=“blue”
<frame> Attribute List
Attribute Description Syntax & Example
src used to give the file or page URL that should be loaded in the frame. src=“page1.html”
name used to give a name to a frame. It is useful to identify a frame to load a document using link’s target. name=“left-frame”
noresize used to disable frame window resize noresize=“noresize”

Frame Set

All frames are defined under frameset. To use frameset, use <frameset> tag and avoid <body> tag. We can set the rows and columns attributes for this frameset to define layout.

Example of Frameset: <frameset rows=“70%,30%” border=“3”>

Above example will create two vertical sections. First will take 70% of the browser window and second will take 30%.


Each frame section defined using a frame tag along with page or file source that you want to load in that frame. You can set a name to each frame. It will help when you want to load a page into certain frame when click on some link.

Example of Frameset: <frame name=“left-frame” src=“left-section.html”>

No Frame

Some old browsers do not support frames. We can use <noframes> tag along with frames. Browser will load <noframes> content if frames are not supported. Thus, we can add body text and some message if frame is not loaded.

Complete Example of Frameset

Above example will first create two frame section, 30% and 70%. Now first frame again divided into two frames having 50% and 50%. You can see each frame having a source html page to load for example: page1.html, page2.html & page3.html.

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