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Cordova: Connection with the Backend

Cordova: Connection with the Backend Now we will learn, How to connect our cordova based application with the backend to work dynamically with data. Backend Language → PHP Database → MYSQL Have you ever thought, when you feed your username and password in some login form, what happens? How does it verifies your credentials? So, let’s try […]

Cordova: Introduction to AJAX

Cordova: Introduction to AJAX AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript And XML. It is a client-side script used in Javascript to communicate with server to exchange data or anything without refreshing the page. Let us suppose we want to make a dynamic cordova based application where user needs to exchange data with server, say login credential verification, […]

Using Cordova Plugin in your App

Using Cordova Plugin in your App Plugin can be integrated into your application through command line. After adding platform, we pass another command to integrate plugin(optional). For Example: To add Camera plugin, type cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera. Above command will add Camera plugin, now you can use functions to call it. Cordova: Using GeoLocation Plugin Let’s create an app […]

Apache Cordova Plugin

Apache Cordova Plugin Plugina allow applications developed with Cordova to access the device’s functionality. Plugins are written in JavaScript and native libraries. All the cordova main features are implemented as plugins. If we don’t use plugin then we can’t use any of the native features. Corodova: Why we use plugin? Let us suppose you want […]

Cordova: Integrating Google Map

Cordova: Integrating Google Map Now we will create another quick project, in which we will integrate Google Map into our Android App. Create a new project. You know how to do this, we just did this in the previous lesson. Now go to Google’s Developer Console → Scroll down and click on Google Map Javascript API […]

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