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HTML Frames

HTML Frames HTML Frames are used to divide browser window into multiple rectangular sections or frames, where each frame can load and display separate html document. Warning: Do not use body tag when using frames. Use <frameset> instead of<body>, not inside of <body>. Similarly, No other tags like paragraphs etc can be used along with frames except inside <noframes> tag. HTML […]

HTML Tables

HTML Tables HTML Tables are used to organize information into rows and columns. In HTML tables you can arrange data such as text, images or links. Using Tables you can get better formatting of data. List of Table Tags Attribute Description Syntax & Example Table Tag Used to define table. All other table tags and […]

HTML Forms

HTML Forms HTML Forms are used to collect some data from users on a webpage. Forms contain special control elements like input text box, check boxes, radio-buttons and submit buttons. Using form elements, you can take different type of data from users. This data can be used for different purposes. Example of HTML Forms: You […]

HTML Iframes

HTML Iframes An HTML Iframe is used to include and display one webpage within another webpage. Iframe is also called Inline Frame. Using HTML Iframes, you can embed one or more external html documents or webpages into your webpage. Iframe Syntax HTML <iframe>tag is used to create Iframe in webpage. The src attribute specifies the webpage address which […]

HTML Lists HTML List Tags are used to specify information in the form of list. HTML Lists are very useful to group related information together. Often List items looks well-structured and they are easy to read for users. A list can contain one or more list elements. HTML Lists Type HTML offers three type of […]

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